Case Study - Bowmer and Kirkland, Tesco, Dudley

  • Retail

This was a new Format 100 concept Tesco Store, for Bowmer & Kirkland at Burnt Tree Island, Dudley. The contract started in Sept 2010 and was completed in October 2011 with a value of £ 2.8 million. 

The work in the first phase including the groundwork for the temporary store which was located in the future petrol station which had to be opened within very short timescales. The second phase of work comprised of a bulk earthworks package including the construction of a four metre high Anderton block wall and an earth retaining wall. The store was built off piled foundation bases and incorporated a complex drainage system and involved external works packages, including tarmacadam works. A major challenge was a continual interface with the general public whilst constructing the temporary store and then throughout the contract, as a shared access point was in operation. The contract was completed successfully on time and within budget.

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