Case Study - Bowmer and Kirkland, Tesco, Sheffield

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The contract with Bowmer & Kirkland at Sheffield had a value of £ 2.6million and included groundwork for a new Tesco store and adjacent retail units.

We were engaged with the removal and on site crushing of the existing roads, slabs and all underground obstructions, including the removal of existing underground storage tanks. This was after the exploratory works carried out in conjunction with the ballistics division to identify UXB's from World War 2. The reclaimed material was then used in the formation of the piling mat which ran alongside the concrete removal works. The foundations consisted of RC pile caps bearing onto driven steel piles with traditional reinforced tie beams. The drainage element of the works varied from 100mm to 1050mm diameter pipe work, including a pre-cast concrete attenuation tank and petrol interceptors.

We constructed of a 150m long, 10m high 'Tensar' block retaining wall on which the foundations for the new retail units were situated. The wall contained 10,000m3 of fill and covered up some of the Victorian railway arches that formed part of the site boundary and made the construction of the wall more challenging – long reach excavators being used to place the fill as the wall was constructed. The contract began in January 2011 and the main elements of the work were completed by August 2011, which was achieved by working closely with the Site management to ensure access and phased handovers were completed 4 weeks early.

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