Case Study - Bowmer and Kirkland, Tesco, Yardley

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A high profile and prestigious project valued at £3.6 million. The Swan centre is the regeneration of existing shopping complex and 10 storey blocks of flats, being undertaken by Bowmer and Kirkland. 

The existing shopping centre, which had fallen into disrepair with many of the shops boarded up and abandoned was demolished, along with multi storey car park. The tower block has been retained and modernised. The new Tesco Extra store along with 21 additional retail units is being developed. A new loop road was constructed to divert traffic around the newly constructed thousand space car park which is been built over the existing Church Road. The project commenced in January 2011 and the store is due to be open on February 26, 2012. A real challenge, but one we're more than equal to; a dynamic project with many considerations, namely the complexity of the design and varying materials, public interface and emergency service access. The access for the community and emergency services remained open at all times to ensure minimum disruption for the community.

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