Case Study - Carillion, Highfields School

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This project consisted of the construction of a new science school within a residential area of Highfields Wolverhampton for Carillion, as part of the Wolverhampton BSF programme. 

This is the first contract McDermotts had carried out for Carillion and commenced in January 2011 and is due for completion September 2013.The final aspect of the project is the merger of two local schools into an academy The groundwork's package is currently valued at approximately£ 4.2million which includes substructures and external works. Key elements included the construction of extensive gabion walling, the design of which was developed in conjunction with McDermotts. Works also included the construction of a hydrotherapy pool and two large steel tubular water attenuation tanks and the installation of a 50ft long rainwater harvesting tank system. An extensive element of high spec external features and paving were included in the package. The contract will be developed over several stages of which the first stage is an existing adjacent school to be relocated into the new building whilst the old school is demolished and then developed into sports pitches and permeable parking areas.

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