Case Study - Interserve, Shrewsbury Hospital

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Working with partner Interserve Construction, the 14 week contract started in September 2011 and involved the construction of a two storey reinforced concrete frame for a new Cancer Centre in a very confined location. 

The building consisted of reinforced concrete pad foundations, ground floor slab, columns, first floor slab and roof slab to an area of 650m2. As the works were located adjacent  to existing hospital buildings, including the A & E entrance, McDermotts had to ensure no dust was created and that noise levels were kept to a minimum as well as ensuring clear access to the hospital along the "blue light" route. In addition to the site logistics, McDermotts had to overcome technical difficulties in modifying existing drainage up to 3.5m deep and  plan and execute a construction sequence to a very challenging programme. Through a combined project management strategy the project was delivered successfully.  


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