Case Study - Wates Construction, St Thomas Moore Catholic College

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Our work with Wates, at St Thomas Moore Catholic College in Stoke-On-Trent, was an enabling package as part of the main works, which are due to start later in January 2012. 

It comprised of the construction of a new permanent access road and parking for the school staff and students, incorporating the diversion of utilities services around the new proposed school and construction of a new plant room, within the existing school. The works had to be completed within the 5 week summer holiday break with provision made for 2 days, whilst the school opened for exam results

The main elements of the work were substantial tree removal, removal of and crushing on site, of the existing roads and playing areas which were recycled, for use in the new works, new foul and storm drainage and the construction of a road and self-draining “Bodpave” car park for 75 vehicles. The project was completed safely, on time, on budget, to an excellent level of quality and ready for the new school year.

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