Case Study - Wates, Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy

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Built on the playing fields of the existing Blurton High School, Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy (OSSMA), is part of the Stoke BSF programme, constructed by our partner, Wates Construction. 

Phase one of the contract commenced in May 2011 with the bulk cut and fill in which 89,000m3 of material was manoeuvred to create new playing fields. Safe access for school personnel had to be maintained during the construction process due to the use of the existing facility adjacent to the works. Groundwork to the new school began simultaneously with reinforced foundations, foul and storm drainage, attenuation and access roads. The £2 million project provided varying challenges; the existing live school, the quantities and heavy plant involved and the mile stone measurements. We achieved success, by our management team working with and understanding the needs of Wates and the school. The project ran over 15 months.

Value to customer

  • Focusing on teamwork to meet mile-stones during the project

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