Case Study - Bowmer and Kirkland, Ricoh Arena

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Retail

McDermotts recently completed an extension of existing retail units on the Arena Park Shopping Centre adjacent to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for Bowmer & Kirkland.


The McDermotts team arrived on site in January 2012 and began implementing various works:

- Reinforced Concrete (RC) Pad and Beam foundations

- Installation of Pre-stressed Concrete (PC) Beams

- Installation of storm/foul drainage including connection onto existing drainage outfalls, internal fire reinforced concrete slabs, external concrete yard slabs, BWIC service and subsequent diversions, lift pits, sprinkler tanks, tarmac, street furniture including bollards, benches, bins and block paving.

McDermotts overcame initial delays that reduced the period in which the subcontracted works could be completed on site. McDermotts liaised closely with the client project team, allowing for greater control of resources on site thereby reducing waste and cost. This approach also improved efficiency, especially when working in conjunction with and around other subcontractors.

This marks yet another successfully completed project working in close partnership with the client.

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