Case Study - Bowmer & Kirkland, Morrisons Leamington Spa

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Retail

Earlier this year, McDermotts were appointed to carry out the Groundworks package at the new £5m Morrisons Store in Leamington Spa. This win is the first Morrisons Store secured by McDermotts and builds on the existing relationship between ourselves and Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd that has been in place for over 10 years.


The site team have been working on the foundations of the building in order to ensure the new Supermarket up-and-running in time for the public opening early 2013. Other aspects of the project included drainage, concrete works including retaining walls and floors, attenuation tanks and hard landscaping.

McDermotts have added value to the customer by accelerating the program of works and developing a remediation strategy due to ground conditions.

McDermotts have been consistently working closely with the Main Contractor to ensure that the 7,100sqm new supermarket will be completed on budget, to program and to the highest standards.

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