Case Study - MFM, English Martyrs School

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Principle Contractor McDermotts are proud to add another school project to their vast education portfolio.


McDermotts were appointed by English Martyrs School in Sparkhill to complete tarmac repairs to the existing playground and car park which had fallen into disrepair.

This two week project required tree removal, drainage layout and the breaking out, relaying and finishing of 1200m² of concrete.

The school car park was linked to the adjacent local church. McDermotts were able to complete the work with minimum disruption to both the school and the church; we finished before the school reopened for the new term and we also offered the Church additional facilities for car parking which meant they could still operate day to day services without interruption.

Value to the client:

The repairs to the tarmax were made in response to a gorwing need for safeguarding in schools.McDermotts were delighted to have carried out the works to create a safe environment for pups and staff as part of our commitment to people through our Sustainability Roadmap

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