Suppliers and Partners

McDermotts’ suppliers and partners are an essential ingredient of the company’s success and they form an extended part of our managed business. As a result, we are committed to an increasing level of support and investment in our suppliers and we work closely with our customers to develop and improve the supply chain.

Wherever appropriate, we explore and secure meaningful partnerships with other organisations to offer our customers a better experience and a more comprehensive service.

Whilst we wish to be as self-sufficient as possible, we recognise that there will be vital materials and services that are best sourced externally, or with the support of specialists. McDermotts’ primary role in this regard is to ensure that we work with those who can consistently provide the highest standards of quality, expertise and professionalism.

We carefully choose the partners with which we work, recognising also that it has to be a mutually beneficial relationship. As part of this relationship, we conduct regular audits and supplier development activities and support.

If you are interested in finding a solution for your project, please call us on
0121 326 8500. Alternatively, send us an email using the contact form on the right-hand side of this page and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Client testimonials

“I would have no hesitation in taking McDermott on my next project nor would I have any hesitation recommending McDermott to any other potential client.”

Noel Corbally
Project Manager, Interserve Construction

“The works were completed on time and on budget and none of the construction work impacted upon our operations which are 24 hours per day 365 days per year.”

Mark Johnson
Managing Director, MES

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