Health, Safety and Environment

The construction sector is (rightly) unforgiving when it comes to poor Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) practices.  Our customers will not tolerate low standards of ESH as the consequences are too serious to contemplate.  At McDermotts we do not assume good ESH practices, we proactively and continuously promote this and the positive results are clear for all to see. 

When you value integrity and people, results and profit come quite naturally.

We recognise everyone in our business has to be fully committed and engaged. We all have a responsibility to develop ourselves. At McDermotts we facilitate learning in many different ways. From allocating time, financial commitment, supporting new initiatives and developing partnerships

Everyone at McDermotts has the opportunity to develop their skills; please see our people page to find out more

We have invested in our processes as well and have now developed a fully Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporating:

  • ISO9001
  • 14001
  • OHSAS18001

This approach has allowed all our people to work in a transparent cooperative way to ensure a seamless service to our customers.

The benefit of an IMS allows:

  • Holistic approach to managing business risks
  • Improved internal/external communication
  • Greater confidence that all responsibilities are being met to potential customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders.

For more information and to see examples of good practice email:

Knowledge of our policies and procedures is regularly reinforced.  We employ various methods for this, including conducting procedure/policies drills in relation to our ESH standards

We promote a proactive ESH culture and having worked on numerous contracts over the past 21 years; we have never received an enforcement notice.

When it comes to pre-tender qualification we are not satisfied with merely ticking the box. Please see our knowledge bank to find out more

Our proactive approach involves using external objective benchmarking. Together with RG Wilbreys we encourage development of our people, identifying and promoting good practices.  As a result, our health and safety target score is regularly reviewed and currently is a minimum of 80%.  

New initiatives

In order to test the effectiveness of our systems, whilst reinforcing the knowledge and practice of our personnel, the Company has recently introduced mock incidents – drills which create a “virtual incident” requiring an appropriate response.

Spill drills carried out on site to test our emergency procedures and ensure all operatives working on site are aware of the stages in which they would need to follow in the eventuality of a substance spill. (Chemical, oil, etc.). This also highlights any areas for improvement or training opportunities. 

As the prevention of service strikes are of significant importance to the business, we proactively conduct service location procedure drills as a measure of testing the knowledge of our operatives.  

Face mask fitting in line with HSE guidance ensures all our personnel are working safely.  Our customers are now requesting us to provide this service – for both themselves and their sub-contractors. 

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